Saturday, October 2, 2021

Vocal Music Listening Helps Recover Language

Everyone knows that listening to music is good for your brain, staves off dementia and Alzheimer's, and may be beneficial for gait, the timing of upper extremity function, communication outcomes, and quality of life after stroke.

And it may help people with aphasia recover language. But the same question always comes up: What kind of music is the best?


Kinda a cool study from the great country of Finland may have answered that that question (for survivors with aphasia, at least).

They had three groups:

1. Listened to music with a singer singing lyrics 

2. instrumental music (with no sung lyrics) 

3. narrated audiobooks.


The  winner? “Vocal music”—music that included sung lyrics.

But there was another thing they did: They interviewed the participants to find out their favorite music.


1. Listen to music to help language recovery

2. Choose music that has sung lyrics

3. Choose music you love


    ✔️ 1 hour a day

    ✔️ 2 months

    ✔️ Keep a diary to make sure you stick to it

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