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The full Fugl-Meyer Adapted from LEAPS Manual of Procedures

One-day seminar schedule example

Note: Seminars schedules can be modified in a number of ways. For instance, the schedule could reflect an additional day, or an alternate focus.

7:30am – Registration & Breakfast
8:00am – Course Begins

I. Neuroplasticity I: Neuroplasticity Made Simple
  • Neuroplasticity demystified  
  • A historical perspective on neuroplasticity  
  • Rules for driving neuroplastic change  
  • Technologies for measuring neuroplastic change

II. Neuroplasticity II: Direct Implications Of Neuroplasticity On Stroke
  • The importance of neuroplasticity after stroke  
  • How the brain rewires after stroke  
  • Reactivating salvageable neurons after stroke  
  • Tools, treatments and therapies to rewire the brain after stroke

10:00-10:15 Break

III. Modified Constraint Induced Therapy (mCIT): Neuroplastic and Reimbursable
  • The history of constraint induced and forced use therapies
  • An evidence based review of constraint induced therapy
  • Understanding learned non-use
  • Modified Constraint Induced Therapy: a reimbursable alternative
  • Choosing the “right candidate” for mCIT therapy
  • Implementing a structured mCIT program
  • Reimbursement for mCIT

11:30am 12:30 pm — Lunch on Your Own

V. Evidence-Based Stroke Recovery
  • The research–based therapist as the ultimate stroke recovery tool
  • How rehabilitation research establishes efficacy
  • Easy and seamless ways to an evidence-based practice
  • Tricks for easy access to stroke-specific rehabilitation research

1:00-1:15 Break

V. Spasticity Measurement, Management, and A New Vision of Spasticity Reduction
  • What works and what does not: a critical review
  • Understanding spasticity: the first step in reduction
  • Spasticity management and therapeutic strategies
  • Spasticity measurement that can be done clinically
  • A new perspective on tone reduction: start with the brain

VI. Tools To Reestablish Sensation and Proprioception
  • Prevalence of sensation loss after stroke
  • Passive and active sensory recovery strategies
  • Using technology to reestablish sensation

VII. Review, Wrap-up and Evaluations

3:30pm – Course Adjourns

Course Description

Note: this is a typical course description. Each course is different according to the wishes of the audience and speaker.

Rewiring for Recovery

Peter G Levine

Neuroplasticity (“brain rewiring”) drives all motor learning after stroke. 

Stroke recovery should be simple and intuitive. Pete's seminars take the complexity and guesswork out of planning treatment. The emphasis is not on the body, but the brain. And the brain learns (Including motor learning after stroke) according to simple rules. These simple rules lead to treatments that are reimbursable and easy to set up. 

  • How to drive neuroplastic change in stroke survivors.
  • Ideas on reestablishing sensation, including proprioception
  • Bimanual training techniques.
  • Techniques for treating stroke survivors who have been administered botox. Included are strategies to increase the strength of botox injections and increase the window of opportunity botox presents.
  • Spasticity; what works and what does not work as well a new theoretic paradigm for the reduction of spasticity.
  • Simple application of e-stim to increase cortical control of muscles
  • Strategies for increasing quality and speed of gait
  • Developing a constraint induced therapy program that fits your practice
  • Stroke-specific measures that can be used to assure progress
  • Where to find stroke recovery specific research that is easy to read and free
Pete is a researcher who has co-authored over 60 peer-reviewedarticles and abstracts on promising techniques for stroke rehabilitation, and has written the best selling book on stroke recovery in the world. By focusing on cortical plasticity at the foundation of post stroke recovery, his seminars reveal a paradigm shift that impacts on every post-stroke sequelae. Included will be a discussion of how to utilize the cortical plasticity inherent in every stroke survivor as a foundation for treating deficits from spasticity to impaired motor control to sensation recovery. Core concepts such as the use of repetitive practice, optimal duration and intensity of interventions, learned nonuse, and forced use will be discussed. This seminar reveals a simpler and more elegant conceptualization of treatment strategies aimed at post stroke recovery. Appropriate stroke-specific measures of progress will also be reviewed.

Expect a unique and unfiltered perspective on the cutting edge of stroke rehabilitation research.


Comments from Attendees

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I learned and understood more about the brain just in this course than I did in grad school.
KV, DPT, Plymouth, MA

Thanks for blowing my mind. 
KA, OTR, Macon, GA

Best instructor ever! 
LJ, OTR  Detroit

The best course I've taken in my career!  
EG, PT, Seattle, WA

So entertaining! Enjoyed laughing and learning... thanks! 
JQ, OT, Atlanta Georgia

A napkin left at my talk.
Either they learned a lot
or they were really bored.

PM, OT, Thousand Oaks, CA 

Loved It! Amazing presenter. Very interesting and entertaining. Made the information easy to understand. 
DS, PT Anaheim, CA

Best instructor I have seen at a continuing ed class. 
DF, PT, Hope Hull, AL 

Never had so much fun in a CEU class. 

AK, PTA Bloomington, MN

MB, PT, Hasbrook Heights, NJ

Thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. 
LB, PT, Harrisburg, PA 

Wow! Great instructor- very impressed with your knowledge base! Love your teaching style - humor- love it! CA, Prof of OT, Bismark, ND 

Fun! Entertaining! Knowledgeable! 
LS, SLP, Austin Texas

Best ceu I've attended-actually fun
DK, OT, Des Moines, IA

Excellent speaker! Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, able to convey scientific info with relevance for direct clinical application. Great sense of humor and communicator. I enjoyed this course very much! 
LS, PT, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Fabulous : )
L.B., OT, Minneapolis Minnesota

Fantastic course- practical, useful evidence-based tool, and great instructor. MW, OT, Miami, FL

Most outstanding and informative seminar I have ever attended. Great Job!!  
DW, COTA, Macon, GA

Enjoyable, knowledgeable, and captivating. 
RB, OT Hauppgue, New York

Peter is captivating, makes it simple + emphasizes the take-home message often. 
LS, PT, Milwaukee Wisconsin

Loved it! 
SG, OT Shreveport, LA

Phenomenal! CW, COTA South Bend IN

Great personality, easy to follow, best presenter. Great presenter- best course I've been to. AW, PTA, Minneapolis Minnesota 

Excellent, Excellent  KB, PTA, Providence RI 

Very engaging & entertaining. Best course I've attended in years. KS, OT, Burlington, VT

Organized. Captivating. Humorous. AM, OT, New Windsor, NY


NN, OTA, Shreveport, LA

Peter is a dynamic presenter + clearly has a passion for what he does. Presentation was informative, + easy to understand. CA, DPT, Minneapolis Minnesota

Hilarious! Kept attention. Information had a flawless flow. What is it, why doesn't work, what does the research say? LW, OT, Gainesville Florida

So refreshing to have a presenter with such a wide knowledge base be able to present in such a relaxed, easy-to-understand manner and at the same time throwing some humor. The first seminar I've ever attended that I really enjoyed material And the speaker!! LG, OT, Atlanta Georgia

Very effective and engaging. Good use of humor – like Jim Gaffigan swallowed a few text books! AN, DPT, Charlotte, North Carolina

Best class ever! Easy to understand the material and loved the laughs. AB, PT, Charlotte, North Carolina

Great presentation! Friggin' smart dude. CB, PT Charlotte, North Carolina

Not only is he smart and passionate, he makes me proud to be in this field/profession. KL, PTA, Charlotte North Carolina

Most interesting course that I've ever attended. YN, OT, Macon, GA 

Wonderful job, explains things well. JS, PTA, Lexington, KY

Lots of knowledge -- -- well done! Great slideshow! Great handout book! Well spoken! This class was great! Fun and relaxed! Thank you! BM, PTA, Pensacola Florida

Excellent teacher; engaging; articulate+ great sense of humor. KM-O, PT, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

One of the best courses I've ever attended -- will be looking at future courses offered by this company. Really like the down-to-earth approach. Peter is a very engaging speaker and kept my interest throughout the seminar. TR, , Cherry Hill, New Jersey

It was nice to have a good amount of material, straight to the point, but still added a sense of comedy. One of the most enjoyable courses I've been to. LL, PT Anaheim, CA 

Highly knowledgeable. Presented latest information on stroke rehabilitation. Easy to follow. Everything is interesting. No boring time. BL, PT, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Great speaker! Very engaging. Very informative, practical, and helpful. Thanks for the wealth of free info! DM, PTA, Austin Texas

Wonderful! Funny and engaging. LT, PT, Brentwood, TN

Great humor; great knowledge of the topic. Wonderful presentation. MD, OT, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Excellent! MS, SLP, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clear, concise, interesting presentation with interjection of humor at appropriate times. Excellent! TR, PT, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Amazing speaker! Knowledgeable & approachable. LD, OT, Anaheim, CA

The best stroke seminar I've been to. Thanks! Good solid info that I can use tomorrow! RB, PTA, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

 I love his dynamic style! He kept me engaged and in a learning frame of mind. Thank you! I got a lot out of this course that I can implement in daily practice. JA, OT, Kansas City, Kansas

One of the best CEU classes I've been to. Speaker was enjoyable, knowledgeable, funny. Never looked at my watch. TW, PT, Huntsville Alabama

Fantastic instructor! Very informed and fun. Not boring! Learned a lot and stayed awake. Peter did a fabulous job speaking in an interesting, usable and informative manner. Easy to understand difficult material. EES, OT, Kansas City, Kansas

Clear, concise, motivating, and enlightening, encouraging AND humorous/dynamic!! Excellent course -- very applicable/informative and opens mind to further exploration. KW, PT, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

First CEU course I've taken that I never looked at my watch! Thank you! MKP, PTA, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

The best course I have taken in 10 years. The instructor was excellent!!! BP. PTA Annapolis, MD

He was hilarious and everything was clearly said. Any questions were answered. Anna Chavez, PTA, Albuquerque New Mexico 

Peter Levine equals Tosh 2.0. Very funny. KC, OT, Albuquerque New Mexico 

Very interesting & informative! He honestly reminded me of Tosh .0... LOL... only cleaner humor related to therapy. AH, PTA, Panama City, FL

Loved this course! Peter was great and presented material in a fun, knowledgeable way. RH, OT, Chattanooga, TN

Loved the presentation. He turned a potentially boring topic into one of interest and even excitement. Love the humor. A.D., PT, Albuquerque New Mexico 

Peter was very thorough but also entertaining. Time went by quickly but I still feel like I learned a lot. MC, OT, Albuquerque New Mexico 

Wonderful, brilliant, humorous speaker! Couldn't go to sleep even if I wanted to -- wish I could absorb all his knowledge. SS, OTA, Houston Texas

Love Peter's enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience – good teacher! RG, PT, Albuquerque New Mexico 

Gave excellent up-to-date material clearly and unequivocally. Clear-cut examples of what does and does not work with stroke recovery. The description of modified constraint induced therapy was excellent. Good use of humor. Excellent teacher. Made complicated points easy to understand. Good evidence. Kimberly Vogel, associate professor, UTHSCSA

First course I've attended in which it was okay to laugh, interact, and have fun learning! MS, OT, Atlanta Georgia

Great! Funny, interesting, relevant, etc. LL, DPT South Bend IN 

Excellent! Entertaining! Kept Attention throughout course! JD, DPT, Mundelein, IL

The instructor was knowledgeable, wonderfully engaging humorous and effective at preventing evidence-based therapeutic approaches. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. KW, PT, San Diego California 

The best instructor I've had for a continuing Ed course. TA, OT, California

One of the best workshops I have attended: wealth of info, presented well with the right touch of humor. Great! MF, OT, Albany New York

I love this seminar!!! Dynamic, knowledgeable, a full teaching experience that flows as easy and engaging. DV, Albany New York

Loved it! Thanks! KH, OT, Springfield Massachusetts

I love his sense of humor – so fun to listen to but also very thought-provoking. CR, OT, orange, Connecticut

Fantastic presentation of information, history, research, recommendations for RX. MS, PTA, Orange Connecticut

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, thorough. The presenters knowledge, enthusiasm and delivery of material was exceptional! DM, OTA, East Hartford Connecticut  

What a great day of education + the humor was a bonus!!:) Loved it! DH, PTA. Annapolis, MD

Great seminar! Will recommend this course to others!! Very informative and easily understood. CB, DPT, Silver Spring, MD

Clearly communicates material in an amazing, appropriate way. He kept me engaged throughout the course and inspired me. KW, OT, Thousand Oaks, CA

Peter is easy to listen to style made this information very interesting and helpful. 1 practical application to my caseload 2 easy to converse with the instructor with reference material at quick access. Very excellent presentation with helpful information. KA, PT, Amarillo Texas

One of the best instructors I've ever had and I've been doing this for a long time. Not only was the topic and information both timely and important, but this instructor is excellent! LL, OT, Wichita, Kansas

I liked the mix of humor that the instructor used during his lecture. I was drawn into the lecture from the first slide. I didn't look at my watch once! I was not bored at all and will bring a lot of this information into my therapy sessions. PT, Milwaukee Wisconsin 

Excellent in all areas! Never a dull moment. I was very interested in the correlation of research to clinical practice and methods to it adapt to individual settings. PT, Green Bay Wisconsin

excellent presentation. Very informative. These are techniques I can use tomorrow with my patients tomorrow. WA, OT, Pensacola Florida

Excellent speaker. Great rich content. SR-J PT, New Windsor, NY

Incredible range of very practical information, backed by research. Peter, you have a new fan! I plan to utilize the research options and share with peers. SF, PT Bloomington, MN

Very enjoyable presentation. Peter’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the course very helpful. His experience on the topic makes him great to learn from. J.U: OTR/L. Minneapolis Minnesota

Great presenter -- appreciate the humor throughout! (And being so laid back) LY, OTR Minneapolis Minnesota

Easy to listen to. Presented information in a manner that made complex concepts understandable. Great background info on topic and yet covered actual useful treatment information thoroughly. This was one of the best seminars I ever attended on stroke (I have been a therapist for 27 years). I wish some of my coworkers had attended so we could trial some of these techniques together. DK, OTR/L. Minneapolis Minnesota

Exceptional speaker. Kept oyr attention with wit and humor but provided Excellent information and treatment ideas. Outstanding overview of all aspects of stroke recovery + Treatment. SD, PT/Rehab Dir., Ashville, NC

Well spoken, interesting, enjoy the humor. Great information on resources, and search engines that will be beneficial for future use. Appreciated the research and evidence-based information. SS, OTR/L. Minneapolis Minnesota

This seminar is making me think outside the box in contrast to what I've been told works in stroke recovery. Peggy, OTR, Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Excellent with focus on material and really driving the point home. Humor was much appreciated! Becky, PT Harrisburg Pennsylvania 

Excellent, varied approaches, captivating, interesting. TK, PT, Tulsa OK

I appreciate the OT portions -- often I attend seminars and there is only a few brief mentions of OT, yet the seminar is marketed to OTs. OT, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Enjoyed Mr. Levine's presentation style and thoroughly appreciated his sense of humor Donna Marie, COTA, Valley Forge, PA

Peter was a dynamic, interesting and effective speaker. I like his informal style. I greatly appreciate the relevance of the mCIT program and the materials provided in the appendix. It was wonderful to see clinically relevant info so early in the presentation. OTR, King of Prussia, PA

Very good mix of lecture visual aids and demonstration. It is a benefit to have access to the tools presented making it much more likely to be applied to clinical practice. A J., DPT, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Instructor is knowledgeable and gives seminar in everyday language. Easy-to-understand. CB, PT, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Peter sense of humor kept my attention span. Thank you for a wonderful course! JG, OT, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Extremely knowledgeable, clinical and research based which loaded me with a ton of information and references! Enjoy the humor! This seminar provided tools and info I can use in the clinic to help my stroke patients recover! I enjoyed it all! Examples of tests and articles were very helpful. AC, COTA, Athens Georgia

This seminar was informative and presented in an effective/entertaining manner. RS, PTA, Athens Georgia

The instructor was entertaining and kept my attention. Good presentation. The research study information was beneficial along with special tests. Really appreciate the appendix information. DL, PT, Athens Georgia

Things lively and entertaining but very informative. Gave good research details to back up practical hands-on information. PT, Athens Georgia

Very good presentation. He took valuable information and presented it in an understandable manner. GG, PTA, Athens Georgia

Amazing speaker! Brilliant, but not pretentious – got us thinking! N.EB, neuroPT, Gainesville Florida

This seminar was interesting and kept my attention. It provided practical application of studies into clinical practice. LP, OTR, Athens Georgia

The instructor was actually in holding my attention throughout the conference, not boring, lively. The tone of the instructor was the most beneficial part of the program. JG, PTA, Augusta Georgia

Peter is able to effectively blend scholarly material in layman's understanding with a healthy dose of humor and self deprecation. He provides a simplified an understandable version of brain injury that can be communicated to patients/family. A broad and concrete passive program -- generously accented with your. Informative -- even for a non-therapist. BM, NHA, Augusta Georgia

Very easy to follow. Utilizes techniques such as humor and entertainment to keep audience focused. JH, OT, Augusta Georgia very good, informative with the information given (websites, etc.) for further information and research. DL, PT, Augusta Georgia

Mr. Levine is an excellent speaker. I like how he incorporates humor into the context of the subject. As a speech language pathologist, I can continue to collaborate and consult with PTs and OT services in regards to a patient's ability to recognize body part and follow simple/complex directions within the context of treatment. CB, MS, SLP, Augusta Georgia

Very knowledgeable; "loved" his use of humor and great PowerPoint presentation to include graphics, etc.; very dynamic speaker!! His overall presentation was very effective and kept my attention. Excellent seminar!! CT, OT, Augustine Georgia

Excellent examples and reference handouts in the appendix. Will utilize material in practice. Peter was hilarious and very knowledgeable! Made learning fun! Great job! PT, OT, Augusta Georgia. 

This is the second time at this course. I learned a lot on the first and more on the second. Great job, very helpful. PH, OT, Jefferson City Missouri

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. Mr. Levine is very knowledgeable + entertaining! CS, OTR, Kansas City, Missouri

Best speaker in CEU course I have attended in the last four years since I have lived in Atlanta. TO, OT, Atlanta Georgia

Very dynamic presentation. The most beneficial part was about evidence-based practice and starting small with articles makes it more approachable. CC, PT, Atlanta Georgia

Balance of humor and the slew of info available, excellent leads on new resources, research, and ideas. HG., OT, Atlanta Georgia

Memorable! CH, PT, Austin Texas

Wonderful speaker! JW, OT, Manchester NH

Peter was a wonderful presenter and took things that were normally boring and made them understandable! MN, OTA, Evansville, Indiana

Love it! JC, PT, Evansville Indiana

Wonderful instructor! Enthusiastic plus symbol good knowledge of topic. Would go to another with him as instructor! MS, PTA, Evansville Indiana

Very interesting. First class I've been to that I didn't have to fight to stay awake. KT, OT, Evansville Indiana

Very clever presenter who keeps interest up entire session. Slides were excellent. KL, OTR, Austin Texas

Excellent! Information useful right away! Appreciate it labs i.e. goals + task learning. RB, PT, Minneapolis Minnesota

Grateful for humor + simplifying challenging content! I really appreciated Peter's collaborative/ collegial styles. Very win-- win atmospheric and environment! PE, PT, Minneapolis Minnesota

Great presentation. Keeps the audience engaged. Love that it is presented in an understandable way. Great program. I am excited to return to my workplace+ share learned ideas/ techniques + put into practice KS, OT, Minneapolis Minnesota 

Easy-to-follow, entertaining, enjoyed the presentation. Presented research in an understandable manner. KL, OTR, Austin Texas

Knowledgeable, clever and interesting. Presenter is a researcher with also some clinical experience. MR, PT, Austin Texas

Fantastic info. Info I received allows me to increase knowledge of treatments with stroke patients. AR  COTA, Austin Texas

Lighthearted enough to keep your attention... serious enough to make it well worth my time area DH, PT, Austin Texas room

Very good. Class interesting. Great seminar. TA, LPTA, San Antonio Texas

Peters delivery + material content is excellent + keeps the attention of the audience all day! Great. SC, PT, Dallas Texas  

Wonderful, passionate presenter. HM, OT, Garland Texas Excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable. Great presentation/good slideshow. LM, COTA, Dallas Texas

Hilarious, interesting, informative, relatable. JB, OT, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Organized, interesting, funny, easy to listen to. ST, PT, San Antonio Texas

Great! Enjoy! ML, C from one room OTA, San Antonio Texas

He kept my attention. He was interesting and had a great sense of humor. His knowledge and organization of materials was great and easy to follow!!!! AH, OT, San Antonio Texas

I enjoyed the presentation. The instructor did very well with motivating students and keeping us involved. Everything was relevant information. Updated information was excellent for me. JV will room, OTA, San Antonio Texas

Dynamic speaker with the ability + knowledge to provoke conflicts in my current frame of reference. DW, OT Fort Worth, TX

Organized, funny, kept my attention, made me curious, really into research, eye-opener course, broke down old barriers. LV, PT, Fort Worth, TX

Excellent -- well researched in current approaches. JS, OTR, Houston Texas

Very good presenter, enjoyed learning from him. DB, OTR, Houston Texas

Very flexible and kept attention. Seminar manual with appendix of testing tools and references were most beneficial. LL, PTA, Houston Texas

I enjoyed the humor, practical examples, updated research. He kept me awake and an active listener/learner. The videos, practical examples and the content was presented in a very brief, concise way. AS, PTA, Houston Texas

Peter is a wonderful presenter. He is honest, funny, and keeps you awake and wanting to learn more! DL, DPT, Eatontown, New Jersey

Wonderful, effective instructor who really kept his audience engaged. JS, DPT, Eatontown New Jersey

Wonderful explanation of an extremely complex topic. AS, OT, Long branch, New Jersey

EXCELLENT- up to date material, applicable in the clinic. GR, PT, Eatontown, New Jersey

Peter was great, informative, professional, has since of humor and caring therapist. YL, PT, Long branch, New Jersey

He knew when to speak loudly or change the subject to keep the audience's attention. The most beneficial was demonstration of tests, tests in the back of the manual, references and basic knowledge review. JT, PTA, Houston Texas

Excellent! New and older research materials relevant to the topic. Presented well. DL, PT, Houston Texas

Great speaker, very engaging, loved the humor. JR, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Thoroughly enjoyed this seminar, especially the jokes/humor; made it easier to keep my attention. I am fairly new to the SNF setting and I found this seminar to be informative. I wish I had taken this course sooner. Very concise and the instructor was very engaging. MN, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Thank you for your research and dedication! Please keep presenting this material! RP, PT, Thousand Oaks California

Exceptionally informative. NOT BORING. Witty. Promoted research. Very forward minded. Captured my interest on what could be a boring topic -- research and familiar technical information. Speakers ability to relate research information to clinical practice was most beneficial. He he, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Liked it a lot. Like watching an episode of Daniel Tosh and I LOVE Daniel Tosh. Helpful and useful information to boot! LS, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Very, very funny! J R-V, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Made learning fun and great resources provided. Able to back it up with research. JD, OT, Thousand Oaks California

Great speaker. Info related to clinical use -- straightforward regarding research substantiating methods. MC, PT, Anaheim California

Funny, easy to listen to with moving art within the slides to break up serious lives. Appreciate his understanding of research and dedication to stroke results. Speaker is just easy to listen to. Appreciate the research reviews. AB, PT, Anaheim California 

Appreciate the humor/great slides. Great review of neurology. LU, OT, Anaheim California

Excellent course, I loved the instructor's humor. LB, PT, Anaheim California

Peter is able to present information in an entertaining way, keeps the ideas flowing and is very informative. CS, DPT, Anaheim California

Instructor made learning environment comfortable and engaging while teaching topic. DO, PT, San Diego California

Very personable and used humor well. Easy-going and made it fun. MK, PTA, San Diego California

The instructor was excellent. KL, speech pathologist, San Diego California

The instructor's humor and connection to the audience with empathy was effective in assisting with learning. MC, OT, San Diego California

Peter presented his (potentially dry) research material in an entertaining and funny way! KW-G, PT, San Diego California

Peter did a great job presenting the information well and matching it to affected ways to practice the evidence-based methods. It was great!. TG, OT, San Diego California

Excellent resources, studies, etc. Mr. Levine was informative and entertaining. RO, DPT, San Diego California

Great speaking ability, at our level, good variation of voice and sense of humor. Easy-to-follow with great anecdotal evidence presented for every point made. Most beneficial was research presented in clinical terms so that we can take it straight to the clinic. RA, PT, San Diego California

Very good job of bringing a large amount of information into a very manageable and useful amount. Excellent presenter. NT, PT, Cleveland Ohio

Great speaker -- kept it interesting and relevant. Great info on neuroplasticity and modified constraint induced therapy. JD, PT, Cleveland Ohio

You did an excellent job of capturing your audience. Some lectures that I have attended were very boring -- this definitely was entertaining. I found it beneficial that some basic components were covered in the beginning of the lecture. You define neuroplasticity and talked about the penumbra as the part of the brain that will become plastic. MY, PT, Akron Ohio

He has such an excellent grasp of difficult material. Many concepts seem simple. DB, OT, Akron Ohio

Speaker used good pacing, simple explanations and humor to increase learning. Really appreciate completeness of handout especially references and websites. Speech therapist, Akron Ohio

Well done. In joy the humor! You have inspired me to refer to more research and bring into the clinical setting. FM, PT, Youngstown Ohio

One of the best presentations I attended in 30 years. EB, OT, Boardman 

Great!!! KW, PTA, Boardman Ohio

It was great to be provided with significant amounts of resources. Most courses focus on PT. Appreciate OT focus as well. Very beneficial. Love the speaker. Did a great job. TP, OT, Savanna Georgia

Very interesting to hear from a speaker that is actually working inside a lab (research). LR, PT, Charleston South Carolina

Mr. Levine is very knowledgeable related to research practices of stroke recovery. Enjoyed learning about historical practices. Especially relevant personally to me; I'm in the process of working on my doctorate here it KD, OT, Charleston South Carolina

Full of humor, down-to-earth, very usable info. As a speech language acknowledges a learned a lot about PT/OT approach to stroke. PM, speech pathologist, Charleston South Carolina

Very organized and knows his stuff. JF, OT, Charleston South Carolina

Excellent PowerPoint presentation. Good review of outcome measurement tools -- strengths/disadvantages. The most beneficial part of the program was the review of history of stroke and earlier interventions and they are effectiveness in the provision of treatment. Instructors shimmer is a plus! HP, PT, Charleston South Carolina

Concise, thorough presentation with good videos/PowerPoint. JB, PTA, trust and South Carolina

This program gave me more info on constraint induced therapy. Also suggested lots of websites to keep abreast. Everything was useful. JS, OT, Charleston South Carolina

Knowledgeable, refreshingly dry yet refined. JC, OT, Charleston South Carolina

Peter has a huge knowledge base about the latest stroke research and effective treatment options based on research! :-) very informative and Full of interesting knowledge! Easy to listen to and entertaining :-) AW, PT, Columbia South Carolina

I enjoyed the presentation and appreciated his efforts to actually number and asked her historical info. Content was great. MW, OT, Columbia South Carolina

Use of humor and stories help keep it interesting. Info is very easy to apply practice right away. Peter is an excellent speaker! AK, OT, Ewing New Jersey

indeed. Easy-to-understand. Inc. personal experiences and/or examples. KN, PT, senior rehab program manager

Great speaker, well-informed, great presence to teach and maintain attention of his audience. Thoroughly explains CIT for me in all settings. LG, OT, Eatontown New Jersey

Peter was very engaging and humorous. He presented material in a very comprehensible manner. CK, OT, Eatontown New Jersey

very knowledgeable, funny, keeps your attention. MS, OT, Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Overall excellent program. ER, PT, Eatontown New Jersey

Very engaging, knowledgeable, funny. Lecture was great! LD, OT, Eatontown New Jersey

Slides were interesting -- he expanded and thankfully does not read the material to participants. I thought this was the best program I've attended in 10 years! The speaker is easy-to-understand, talked loudly and clearly and had a wealth of information! I truly enjoy his lecture! BS, OT, Eatontown (Long branch) New Jersey

Peter's knowledge plus humor me the course a great learning experience. Good examples and quick references to facilitate carryover to patients. Easy-to-follow course info. Not too much time spent on etiology -- which captured my interest from the beginning. DS, OT, Eatontown/Tinton Falls New Jersey

Made everyone feel comfortable; funny and entertaining. JR, OT, Long branch/Tinton Falls New Jersey Mr. Levine is an excellent speaker, very knowledgeable, funny and engaging! I really enjoyed this course. JF, PT, Tinton Falls New Jersey

Excellent, knowledgeable and prescient! Very interesting all through. KN, PT, new Brunswick New Jersey

Engaging, current, comprehensive, enjoyable. AMV, OT, East Brunswick New Jersey

Went to bed at 2 AM got up at 6 AM was afraid to fall asleep. DID NOT! It was REALLY interesting and I liked it. RN, MS PT, East Brunswick New Jersey

Great presentation -- very relaxed, knowledgeable, and VERY funny!! Haven't been to a course where the instructor worked so many laughable lines into a serious subject like stroke. Really good presentation -- really good speaker, very funny and made his subject interesting!! KM, OT, East Brunswick New Jersey

Speaker was motivational and well-versed in his knowledge of the information. Good seminar. LM, PT, Islip New York

great presentation and material was presented in an easily understandable manner. JC, OT, Islip New York

very good! Liked manner of presentation. Not boring. Good resources for information after courses over. D0, PT, White Plains New York

very well done; good speaker -- very knowledgeable. Great presentation; highly recommended it and truly enjoyed it. Thank you! JM, PT, White Plains New York

Excellent from start to finish, makes learning fun. We'll used in the clinic -- amazing access to further info. SF, OT, San Bernardino, California

I enjoyed it very much. It kept me awake, interested in wanting to try it in my practice. I found it very interesting. Rh, PT, White Plains New York

Excellent speaking voice, delivery, slides and discussion. Great course -- highly recommend to all colleagues working in various settings. DD, OT, White Plains New York 

he is very knowledgeable, fun and very interactive throughout the seminar. Fun and enjoyable entire seminar. Entire course was very educational and improved my knowledge about stroke. IP, OT, White Plains New York

Very interesting -- and a great sense of humor -- made a long day interesting and not boring. RF, PT, rehab coordinator, White Plains New York

Excellent, interesting, humorous. JI, PT, Westbury New York
Knowledgeable and interesting. It was good. Great course -- great, interesting speaker. JL, OT/coordinator, Westbury New York

Will come informative, entertaining. It was great! Reinforce all that I am doing to rehabilitate my mother. Also gave me some new information to use and develop new ideas. KG, Dr. of education, associate professor, Westbury New York

His knowledge of material and self-effacing humor kept my interest throughout the class. SA, PTA, Westbury New York

sense of humor terrific and helps keep on task. LC, PT, Albany New York

presentation style very engaging, able to maintain connection with the audience. PC, OT, Albany New York

Mr. Levine presented this topic very well and easily understood -- thank you! Entire presentation was thorough and well organized and instructed.
EC, PTA, Albany New York

excellent presentation -- presenter is engaging in numerous -- great job explaining each area of the presentation. I found the presentation extremely beneficial -- great resources in the appendix as well. Really enjoyed it! JC, OT, Hartford Connecticut

excellent interaction with the audience, easy-to-follow. References/handouts very useful and informative. LZ, OT, Hartford Connecticut

Easy-to-follow, brings real experience as clinician. MV, PT, Harvard Connecticut

The instructor provided many comprehensive resources that will be useful for me in my clinical practice. The instructor presented materials in a comprehensive, easy to understand fashion. SD, OT, Hartford Connecticut

Style and presentation promoted excitement to put into practice knowledge gained. The most beneficial part of this program for me is organization of material I had partial familiarity with into a cohesive whole. HB-D, OT, Providence Rhode Island

Excellent. Subject interesting as it can be "dry" at times. ML, OT, Providence Rhode Island

Very good presentation technique -- makes of practical and didactic information. Gail Byrd, PT, Alexandria Virginia

Mr. Levine is a very gifted instructor -- made the material fun and relevant, and gave us a perspective for sifting through evidence-based data without getting overwhelmed by it. The most beneficial part was instruction on how to find, and evaluate all the new data that is out there. I am an OT returning to work after a couple years accidents, so this was particularly good for feeling I could get back to "current." CW, OT, Alexandria Virginia

Excellent presenter, very knowledgeable, humorous, relaxed environment/lecture. MT, OT, Alexandria Virginia

Pete was very personable and seems to enjoy presenting -- made me laugh a lot! AL, PTA, Frederick Maryland

He was very entertaining and knowledgeable. MW, OT, Frederick Maryland

Excellent educator, expansive knowledge base. Engaging -- provided a broad view of available research to either support or refute both new and existing treatment strategies. Broad knowledge on sensory reeducation. CP, OT, Frederick Maryland

I like his laid-back, practical approach to teaching. He must know because he's a PTA originally how hard will it is to sit and listen to hyper cerebral information/talk. All of it was beneficial. So much so that I never found myself drifting off -- which is hard for me to keep in check. I have been to A LOT of stroke recovery seminars in the past decade (including other CIMT courses). I would love it if someone would acknowledge that not every stroke survivor "fits the mold" and then explore best practices for all stroke survivors at all levels of recovery. You came closer to doing this than most other presenters. Today was a good use of my time. You always risk that after 15 years of practice and one day courses that it will be repetitious info or poorly put together, but not the case today. JA, DPT, Frederick Maryland

Very entertaining as well as informative! Therapists, Frederick Maryland

Excellent speaker  -- great sense of humor :-) AS, PT, Baltimore Maryland

Very informative and practical to take back to the clinic. MM, OT, Baltimore Maryland

Mr. Levine is a wonderful and entertaining speaker who presents in a clear and concise way evidence-based means of stroke recovery methods. Therapist, Baltimore Maryland

Excellent seminar, very informative and very well presented. Excellent speaker, good pace throughout lecture. MW, PTA, Baltimore Maryland

Excellent presentation, varied material, very good speaking ability for teaching material. Able to highlight important points. Showed a progression of research. How one new development lead to the next. And the need for the more research. SK, OT, Baltimore Maryland

When very well organized, very knowledgeable, very passionate about subject matter. Visual presentation was fantastic! Very informative! Thank you! JG, OT, Portland Maine

Thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. Peter is a very engaging presenter. KB, PT, Portland Maine

Wonderful presentation/explanation of neuroanatomy and function in a simplistic manner; incorporation and focus on EBP greatly appreciated. EB, DPT, Portland Maine

Instructor was engaging, well spoken, knowledgeable, entertaining... held attention. Nice presentation, got me to think outside of the box in acute rehab setting for CVA. Thanks! RL, OT, Portland Maine

The instructor did a good job keeping the audience interested and involved in presentation. I liked the connection of treatment ideas to functional task for patient. MH, COTA, Manchester New Hampshire

Excellent -- first Neuro course for me -- excited to review some of the topics presented today. Exceptional knowledge and dedication to the field of the instructor. JG, PTA, Manchester New Hampshire

Excellent. Cool. Laid back. RG, OT, Manchester New Hampshire

Very informative and down to earth/understandable. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere -- with encouragement to learn. Overall informative with the latest/update research in a fun method. PD, PT, Manchester Hampshire

Enjoy this side comments, The presentation pace at a good speed for learning. JP, OT, Boston Massachusetts

I enjoyed this seminar. The websites given for research information and book suggestions were extremely informative. KM, PTA, Boston Massachusetts

Engaging, enthusiastic, lively presentation style. Tied all information into treating/clinical use. Good review of research. GS, PT, Boston Massachusetts

Not boring! First seminar that I didn't feel like I would doze off! SP, PT, rehab manager, Syracuse New York

I enjoyed the intermittent humor. I love having tools for measuring outcomes in the foundation of places to go for information. Great class. I have some great tools and information to bring back and educate my fellow OT's so we can all start providing better therapy for patients. SM, OT, Rochester New York

Great energy and interesting presentation. Stories and life experiences help cement information. LC, OT, Rochester New York

Very knowledgeable in multiple aspects of stroke rehab. And funny! :-) LS, PTA, Rochester New York

Very informative -- good use of humor. BR, OT, Rochester New York

I thought this was an excellent seminar. Peter is very knowledgeable + does a great job of explaining complex information in an understandable + useful way! Love the humor! JF, PT, Cedar Rapids, IA

Peter's ability to combine humor, personal experience in clinical knowledge allow for an incredibly effective learning experience. His humor allow for the emotional response that allows for greater potential of learning.

Instructor related well to both PTs and OTs in attendance. Very personable, down-to-earth rapport with his audience. My attention the entire time. Presented with new information to use in my clinical work. Stimulated me to think about research and evidence-based approaches. This course is excellent the way it is! CG, PT, Buffalo New York

good humor -- keeps it lively. MJJ, PT, Buffalo New York

very knowledgeable, entertaining with presentation here the most beneficial part was the instructor's knowledge of neuroscience. MP., PT, Buffalo New York

Excellent. JS, OT, Buffalo New York

Excellent speaker -- keeps it real and entertaining. The day flew by -- and I know I'll go back to the clinic and apply what I learned. Clinician, Tallahassee Florida

enjoy his humor. JM, OT, Pensacola Florida good presenter. Interesting material. Very encouraging for research opportunities, encouraging to try cases these. Good review of synergies in stroke characteristics. TK, PT, Pensacola Florida

Peter is so informative and enjoyable to learn from. DK, OT, Pensacola Florida

very engaging. He catch your attention by injecting humor in the presentation. LG, COTA, Pensacola Florida

the absolute best in my career in explaining, teaching and promoting an area (stroke rehab) that has not been as effective as it could be. LH, PTA, San Bernardino, California

very knowledgeable, entertaining, held my attention throughout. PZ, speech therapist/director of rehab, Pensacola Florida

the speaker was excellent! Very knowledgeable and funny! KH, OT, Pensacola Florida

presented in a well rounded and effective way while keeping presentation light with humor. Great job! I enjoyed the history and humor. OT, Pensacola Florida

the instructor was flexible and funny. TA, OT, Pensacola Florida

very knowledgeable; broad base of information; good sense of humor -- Audience engaged. AB, speech therapist, Pensacola Florida

Very good. I appreciate his dedication and passion. I found this information to be very evidence-based (lots of research noted) I also love the stories and history :-) EP, PT, Pensacola Florida

Very professional, easy going, great sense of humor. JH, OT, Schaumburg Illinois

absolutely entertaining. Fabulous. LH, PT, Schaumburg  Illinois

One of the few instructors who kept me engaged for the entire course. Great presenter! CH, OT, Kansas City, KS

Peter was knowledgeable, humorous, and interesting to listen to. He had helpful information presented in a way that was easy to understand and applicable to practice. KR, OT, Kansas City, KS

Very good, easy to understand + relateable to my field. Thanks for using humor  KS, PTA, Kansas City, KS

Excellent presentation, excellent information, excellent speaker. Very helpful- offers email + support beyond the seminar! RC, OT Columbia MO

Relaxed, easy to follow, humorous, RF, PTA, Columbia MO

Very engaging, kept my attention, humorous  KH PTA, Columbia MO 

I feel I was able to get all the current research as well as practical tools all in one day. TE, PT, Columbia MO 

Excellent. DH, OT, Columbia MO 

Does a good job of keeping the presentation moving, good sense of humor, easy to listen to. JU, PT, Columbia MO 

Most informative day I've had in years and years. JS OT, Columbia MO

Showed great enthusiasm for topic. Made topic interesting and challenging, but easy to follow. Very knowledgeable. AA, OT, Columbia MO 

Well worth price and my time. Mr. Levine was able to make time fly by during course  LL, PT, St. Louis MO

Instructor was very knowledgeable about subject + was enthusiastic. He kept my attention and related material to pertinent clinical experiences. KC, DPT, St. Louis MO 

I really enjoyed the course. Feel like I learned valuable info. KM, PTA St. Louis MO

Well organized. Excellent job ob bridging the gap of information between "research" world and "clinician therapy" world. LH, OT, St. Louis MO
Enjoyed his humor, very interesting, nice review plus new info. Useful, applicable material, good historical perspective, latest research, correcting some common myths. SH, PT, Cedar Rapids Iowa

Excellent speaker. Very knowledgeable on topic and provide visual demonstration for some topics. Good sense of humor. Great info thanks. Good treatment ideas. A D., OT, Cedar Rapids Iowa

excellent course. Great information. Speaker was very knowledgeable, quick presentation. Excellent. Would recommend to other therapists. MN, OT, Cedar Rapids Iowa
excellent, informative seminar. JS, PT, Wichita Kansas

Presents a lot of useful information in a way that keeps your attention. MH., PT, Wichita Kansas

I love the style of presentation... humor, personal experiences, research. JW, OT, Wichita Kansas

great resources for clinical implementation. Great instructor! Great info! Thank you! LW, OT, Wichita Kansas

It has been a long time since I have attended a seminar that held my attention 100%! How full and use.! Thank you! DM, PT, Wichita Kansas

great course -- a lot of treatment information for treatment of spasticity and sensory impairment. Thanks! LW, OT,. Tulsa Oklahoma

Very good -- interesting -- entertaining -- makes me want to read more. Excellent. PT, Tulsa Oklahoma

Very good -- interesting -- keeps audience involved -- practical. LC, OT, Tulsa Oklahoma 
Enjoyed it! Informative and fun. JY, PTA, Tulsa Oklahoma

Very informative and entertaining. SS, PT, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Mr. Levine has an extremely solid grasp on the methods of stroke recovery! IP, RN, Charlotte, NC

Nice to have an instructor that is both knowledgeable and humorous! Got a lot of hands-on info. DO, OT, Raleigh, NC

Great job! JT-W, PT Raleigh, NC

Great program! Best cont. ed. I've been to in years! DF, OT, Raleigh, NC

Entertaining, funny, captivating RG, PT, Raleigh, NC

Excellent presenter. Kept my attention and kept material interesting. AH, OT, Raleigh, NC

Awesome speaker!  CK, OT, Raleigh, NC 

Very informative. Greatly appreciated the fact that research was more recent and up-to-date. L L-M, PTA Dallas Texas

Excellent seminar! One of the best I've been to in years! DE, OT, Dallas Texas

Seems incredibly knowledgeable; very easy to listen to and kept my attention well. JM, OT, Dallas Texas

Loved the humor! This can be a dry topic but Pete kept it interesting. CT, OT, Dallas Texas

Peter Levine presented a  seminar that was very educational, easy to incorporate into my practice + very entertaining. SN, OT, Dallas Texas

Good information on clinical tests and their applications for outcome measures especially. Subject interesting with related clinical and personal anecdotes. JB, PT, Dallas Texas

Appreciated humor and personal history of the pioneers in Neuro rehab. Eager to use CIT. Practical ideas for treatments. KM, PT, Fort Worth Texas

presentation from the instructor was presented well, very knowledgeable, plenty of information, yet instructed in a way that was entertaining. MB, speech therapist, Fort Worth Texas

Informative, fun, enjoy it. I like being reminded of how neuroplastic our brain cells are and how that can affect our therapeutic approaches towards disability is caused by stroke's. NB, PTA, Fort Worth Texas

Wonderful! JJ, speech pathologist, Fort Worth Texas

Impressive, interesting. PL, PT, Little Rock Arkansas

Enjoyable presentation while covering the topics. BR, PT, Little Rock Arkansas

Logical, rational and easy to understand and follow. MS, PT, Little Rock Arkansas

Enjoyed variety of references and examples. Very interactive. AH, PT, Little Rock Arkansas

entertaining as well as informative. AJ, PTA, Little Rock Arkansas

Very comprehensive! I especially like how you "demystify" rehab treatment. Too many therapists think their approach (NDT, PNF, etc.) while the "end all be all" but sometimes the research just supports good old-fashioned hard work and empowering patients. JD, DPT, Little Rock Arkansas

Awesome -- loved it -- learned a lot! PM, PTA, Little Rock Arkansas
excellent delivery of information -- subtle humor. PT, OT, Nashville Tennessee

excellent course, speaker kept me engaged. Robotic humor to break up the seriousness of the course. Second time I've heard him speak. I like the fact that he doesn't have a "I am better" complex, made speaker more down-to-earth; "keeps it simple" -- what's missing in field today. TS, COTA, Nashville Tennessee

Mr. Levine explained all the techniques and information in a way that was easy to comprehend. SJ, OT, Nashville Tennessee

Interesting and knowledgeable speaker. Information provided was relevant and practical and up-to-date. JR, OT, Nashville Tennessee

Really enjoy the course. AC, PT, Nashville Tennessee

Entertaining speaker! AK, OTD., Nashville Tennessee

Excellent. TH, OT, Nashville Tennessee

Terrific. Peter Levine used a good dose of humor to keep information fresh and interesting. TG, OT, Nashville Tennessee

Great instruction and presentation. CP, PTA, Nashville Tennessee

He gave excellent tools that can be easily implemented in my work environment; funny, easy to listen to. Excellent course, appreciate instructors accessibility for e-mail/contact in the future for assistance; inspires me to work harder! AM, OT, Nashville Tennessee

Very entertaining! AF, PT, Knoxville Tennessee

Simplified many things for me. AM, DPT, Knoxville Tennessee

Good discussion on what drives neuroplastic change. Good review of neurology and it was beneficial to look at stroke recovery from more of a PT/OT point of view. JP, SLP, Knoxville Tennessee

Enjoyable. Easy-going. Humerus. Knowledgeable. Explained in a chronological order how the present-day techniques involved. BR, PT, Knoxville Tennessee

Great! Excellent knowledge of subject matter and great delivery. SM, PT, Knoxville Tennessee

Sometimes aggressive --> always interesting :). LT, PT, Louisville, KY

Very enjoyable; made it interesting for the type of material. MM, PTA, Knoxville Tennessee

Presenter was very knowledgeable and entertaining. AW, SLP, Johnson City Tennessee 

Great presentation! Humor was greatly appreciated during presentation to make it interesting. CL, OT, Johnson City Tennessee

Great presenter, entertaining, funny, made a complex/dry topic "research" interesting! JP, CCC SLP Sacramento, CA

Excellent from start to finish. Highly recommended to my colleagues. KS, DPT, San Jose California

Fantastic dynamic speaker. Held my attention throughout. B B., DPT, San Jose California

Excellent; funny, understandable, practical. TB, OT, Allentown Pennsylvania

Easy to follow, that my interest throughout the presentation. JE, PT, King of Prussia Pennsylvania

Easy to follow, that my interest throughout the presentation. JE, PT, King of Prussia Pennsylvania
Peter was very informative and made the information easy to understand and apply to practice. Peter did an excellent job at captivating his audience in transferring his interests and obvious passion to audience understanding. LD, OT, Indianapolis Indiana

Awesome! MK, OT, Indianapolis Indiana

Very knowledgeable, he made big day go by/good flow. The Neuro review was great! AC, SLP, Athens Georgia

even though I am an SLP, a great deal of the covered material about neuroplasticity could translate to my field of practice. Thank you for making course enjoyable :-). MB, SLP, Athens Georgia

excellent course and instructor. Not boring. The listener engaged. I have been waiting for P. Levine to return to this area. Very glad I was able to attend. JW, DPT, Athens Georgia

practical, interesting, humorous (which is very important for me explanation point) AF, PT, Atlanta Georgia

He made an otherwise potentially dry topic very approachable and entertaining. JB, PT, Atlanta Georgia

Trรจs Bien!! VD-S, OT, Atlanta Georgia

He was very funny and spoke in a manner that was easy to understand. Mr. Levine was an excellent speaker. I finally understood, a little, where PTs" tees are talking about. He took material full of professional jargon and made it accessible. MJW, SLP, Atlanta Georgia

one of the best presenters I've encountered in 20 years. Enjoyed it :-). KL, PT, Atlanta Georgia

Very interesting, interactive, and applicable. KH, DPT, Augusta Georgia 

Very informative + entertaining. Very evidence- based, taught me how to find current research easily, good course- to- clinic info. KB, PT, Kenosha Wisconsin

upbeat, layed back, informative, interesting + fun. JP, PTA, South Bend IN

This is the first class I've ever attended that gave us ideas for treating sensory loss. Thank you. AC, PT, South Bend IN

I have been out of the PT field for 17 years (stay – at – home mom) and even though I was not from Milyer with some of the material I was able to follow the presentation easily. Thanks for breaking it down! TL, PT, Wilmington, North Carolina

Mr. Levine's presentation was enjoyable and educational. He is a great instructor and I will definitely be signing up for more of his courses. JL, PTA, Raleigh, North Carolina

Great course. Learned and left a lot! BB, PTA, Raleigh North Carolina

AWESOME PRESENTATION; very informative, interactive and entertaining! SUPERB! AJC, PT, Raleigh North Carolina

I have been an OT for 30 years. "Stroke" has always been my favorite subject. Have been to a "gazillion" workshops and this far exceeds ALL others re-: CVAs.  MM, OT, Charlotte North Carolina

The information presented will forever change the way I treat stroke patients. AAA, PTA, Charlotte North Carolina

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