Saturday, January 30, 2021

My interview on the ReneMarie Stroke Of Luck TV Show.

My interviews starts at about five minutes in...

I was interviewed a while ago and peppered with questions from one of the great interviewers of all time: Mark McEwen

ReneMarie's show is great to check out. She has a ton of great content geared towards stroke survivors and recovery.

These guys let me go on and on about a bunch o' stuff including how much its costs to have a stroke, using mental practice as a recovery tool, why empathy is an occupational hazard for therapists, how the medical system in the USA hurts stroke survivors, why athletes and musicians may recover more than most people, why gains are easier early in recovery, and more!

A couple of days after this show, Mark called me and told me amazing stories about interviewing presidents and other famous people, his career, and his recovery. He said that when his sons (twins, Miles and Griffin) were young he'd talk to them about his career and they would be like, "Old dude reliving the boring old days." But then they came into his office one day and realized the photographs were of Jordon, and Ali, and a whole bunch of other famous athletes and musicians.

"That was a good day."

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