Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poor taste public service announcement!

Have a look at this cartoon. In poor taste, yes. But it manages to raise awareness and it does it in a way that is comically accurate. Here is your quiz: Watch the vid and then do this: Just below the cartoon, highlight the invisible text by right clicking and dragging to the bottom of the post. Therein lies my observation of what the cartoon gets right. If you'd like me to add anything I've missed, put it in the comments or email me.
Highlight text below
1. Drop foot 
2. Inability to clear ground during swing phase of gait 
3. Flaccid left upper 
4. Lack of sensation left upper 
5. Caregiver concern regarding driving 
6. Difficulty with spacial issues while driving 
7. Left hemiparesis, no aphasia! 
8. "Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!" Its a public service announcement! More of the episode here...

In the comments section Jim Sparks points to a part in the episode where a treatment that is not proven to work, works!


Jim Sparks said...

A few years back I saw another episode featuring Peter with the same stroke symptoms. He went into a "Gene Therapy" store and came out cured. His comment was something like, "Hey, that worked great, I wonder why we don't invest more in that stuff."

Peter G Levine said...

Thanks Jim, I added that part to the entry.

Jim Sparks said...

Am I talking about the same episode as your excerpt? I didn't realize it. I watch the show fairly often, but only bits and pieces as I wear out the batteries in the remote.

Jim Sparks said...

Am I talking about the same episode as your excerpt is from? I didn't realize it. I watch that show fairly often, but only bits and pieces as I flip through the channels.

Dogon Sirius said...

I confess: this is the first thing I watched on Netflix after getting home from the hospital. ("Ha-ha, it's funny 'cause it's not happening to me") But then, I was a fan of Family Guy since way back when the show was actually funny. Not seeing the 'invisible text' in firefox, though.

Dogon Sirius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter G Levine said...

Try the text, I've put ↓↓↓ where it begins...

Dogon Sirius said...

Ah OK I see it now, thanks. By the way, it's later in the same episode ('McStroke' Season 6, episode 9)Peter walks into a stem cell research lab.

"How long was I in there?"
"About five minutes."
"Why aren't we funding this?"

Later, Peter talking to his wife Lois:

"Five minutes. I went in there, they injected me with a little bit of that fetal crap and BAM!"

Of course it doesn't have to be fetal crap. Some paralysed guy in Poland was recently treated for spine injury with stem cells taken from his nose and can now walk again .


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