Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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The consultation is personalized and organized. You'd probably get a lot of the material in Pete's book, but it's hard to read the whole book and know what's applicable to you. Pete takes the time to listen and find out what's important to you and tailors his consultation to you. Another thing I like about the consultation is that Pete is accessible afterwards. He always responded to my emails, and in a timely manner.
LQ, New Jersey

After my 28 year old son suffered an anoxic brain injury, we  had a very helpful consultation with Mr. Levine, which I highly recommend for personalized evaluation and treatment ideas.  It was done by video chat and he was incredibly thorough and offered many plans and suggestions. He is an amazing advocate and resource for those who have suffered a stroke, as well as their caregivers. Frankly, I think he is brilliant, a true healer combining science with compassion and encouragement. The consultation was an opportunity to get direct input tailored to my son’s situation. I especially appreciated the summary you sent afterwards.
RM, Connecticut

Our favorite aspect of the consultation was being able to benefit from Peter's rare combination of kindness and expertise while being miles away. Thanks to technology, it almost felt like we were physically in the same room with Peter. And it helped a lot that he kindly looked at material (emailed video) beforehand-- he was already knowledgeable to make the most of our consultation. Throughout our interactions, Peter was extremely amiable and willing to help. His empathetic approach was heartening for our survivor relative, and for everyone as a family. And his advice gave us hope that more can be done to take our patient to the best place she can go as her recovery progresses. Moreover, Peter's consultation report was thorough and full of actionable items---big and small---which we are enthusiastically implementing. Overall, Peter gave us the gift of his expertise, with patience, care, and kindness. We could not be more thankful.
JU, Mexico City

I felt it was so individualized to my Dad. I felt he really took the time to learn how my Dad was moving after his stroke.  I liked the convenience of Dad not having to leave his home for the consult.  I felt I was getting current expert research based advice.  I really appreciated that the consult was so thorough and with many helpful suggestions.  Also,  all my questions after the consult were responded to in a timely manner.  I felt Pete was really interested in how my Dad was recovering even though he never met him in person.  I really feel Pete is trying to improve the lives of stroke patients!
MF, New Jersey

How to set up a consultation
1. Email: StrongerAfterStroke@yahoo.com
2. Put Consultation in the subject line.
3. That's it. You'll be emailed back ASAP!                              
What happens and what you get
We have a video chat.

Then I do the necessary research and make suggestions for recovery specific to your unique situation are made. 
A sort of "Your Recovery" document is emailed to you. It will have images, diagrams, and clickable links— all related to your recovery.

Recovery suggestions will include recovery options that are “off the radar” to most clinicians. 

Included will be suggestions about recovery of movement, but may also include suggestions for other post-stroke/ brain injury problems that we've discussed during our chat (i.e. visual problems, fatigue, cognition, etc.). 

Recovery suggestions will be based on my 
clinical researchbook, and talks

Once the consultation is completed, follow-up questions are encouraged!
How the video observation
is done
A 30 to 45 FaceTime, Zoom (preferred), Duo, or Skype video interview is done to discuss your progress so far, and your ambitions for the future.

What it costs

Payment is made after the consultation is delivered.
What you should keep in mind
Suggestions are to be evaluated by the appropriate medical professional.

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