Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fish oil may help recovery.

Note: With regard to any supplementation -- Ask your doctor first. Ask your doctor first. Ask your doctor first. Thank you.

Fish oil may help many aspects of recovery from stroke. In my book (now in the second edition, available for pre-order, just sayin') I put it this way:

 Fish oil may help stroke survivors in two ways:
1. DHA and EPA may help to reduce swelling in the brain after stroke.
2. Fish oil helps overall function of the nervous system and is considered “neuroprotective” (a substance that protects the nervous system).

Fish oil helps promote the neuroplastic process and appears to help the brain recover after stroke. Fish oil helps restore a neurotransmitter after traumatic brain injury. It may do the same after stroke.

Fish oil "treatment is able to facilitate functional recovery after (stroke)." It probably also reduces mortality after stroke.

Great general discussion of fish oil here. It turns out that cheap fish oil is just as good as the expensive stuff.

Remember, always ask your doctor first!


Peter G Levine said...
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Kushal Pandit said...

Thanx for ur post nd giving us a hugefull information, plzz tell me wht is the main benifit of FO & WP .. ???

Peter G Levine said...

I'm not sure what you're asking; what is WP?

romio jeel said...

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