Thursday, April 6, 2017

"My dream for the future is to help as many people as I can possibly help"

I get a chance to communicate to a lot of survivors. I've treated them clinically and in experimental research protocols. I've also been in contact with a lot of survivors during my talks. And then of course, social media and email. 

Survivors, to varying degrees, are usually pretty good at explaining with appropriate passion what its like to have, survive and thrive after stroke.

One of best I've found so far has been Bill Torres. Find his story here. (Bring tissues.)


Ken Weaver said...

How long did it take Bill to recover?

Peter G Levine said...

Hey Ken, I emailed Bill your question... he responded: "Hi Peter, thanks for sending me Ken's question. That question is one that sends me into a different time zone... M ost stroke survivors (including me at one time) want to know a definite time when they'll be back to where they were. There's no easy answer. I'm still recovering. I still work out four days a week. Practice, practice, practice and after you're done, practice some more. I use Tony Gwynn, a hall of fame baseball player, as an example. He played 19 years for the San Diego Padres. On the last day of his illustrious career he still took batting and fielding practice!

As for Ken, what can I say. For my entire body to be where it is today, I'm still working on it. Please tell Ken the minutes, hours, days, months and years are going to go by anyway. So in the meantime work, work and work. Use page 2 of your book(updated) and develop a plan. And tell him not to worry about the future but concentrate on the now.
Thanks Peter. If he wants to talk to me please feel free to give him my phone number, xxxxxxxxxx. I wish him the best. Thanks again, Bill"
EMAIL ME AT strongerafterstroke 9AT) and I'll shoot you his phone number.

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