Friday, July 11, 2014

Pot Decreases Spasticity.

If you want to reduce spastcicity, move to Colorado. Pot (or the active ingredients in pot) can potentially reduce spasticity. This includes every pathology in which spasticity is a sequelae, like...

  • stroke
  • multiple sclerosis
  • spinal cord injury 
  • dystonia (see reference section)

  • But wait there's more! It turns out that pot make have a benefit for much of what ails survivors from arterial disease to seizures (10% of survivors experience a seizures). So why has your MD not talked to you about Mary Jane as a possible treatment for, well, anything? Simple. It is  the burning weed with its roots in hell duh!

    And its dangerous. Very Very Dangerous.


    Tamara said...

    or move to the Netherlands! :-)

    Sean Williams said...

    I asked my PCP about pot last yr, he laughed

    Grace Carpenter said...

    When people ask me what it felt like when I was having my stroke, I tell them, "trippy" (at least at first). I never want to feel high ever again.

    oc1dean said...

    It's a 17 hour 10 minute drive for me to get to Denver, I guess I'll wait until a closer state legalizes it since medical marijuana as currently legislated is not useful for stroke unless you are a good liar to your doctor.

    Tamara said...

    Great song about this:

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