Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Peter Enjoyed your course in Fayettville AR and using the toolbox. Thanks. I hope the necklace has helped your migraines. I usually loan products for a month or two to evaluate if it is helping. If you have not looked at Dr Weintraubs 10 minute u-tube on the the nikken insoles, I suggest you see it. Put in Dr Weintraub nikken insoles study. It was a one year double blind placebo controlled study on the effects of these insoles on diabetic neuropathies. Was on ABC and CBS medical news update at the time. I have had great success with my diabetic patients as well as other issues with the ankle for pain using these insoles and wear them myself. There was a 70% success rate with decreased pain and burning as well as recovery of the ability of the feet to sweat again. Very interesting. If the necklace helped, you can go to my site and get one or order some insoles if it is of interest. There are tabs to see the research on the products as well. Fell free to call me at 501 625-2227 if you have any questions. You can just mail my necklace to my address at 315 CR 129 Oakland AR 72661 Nikken is a world wide company that has been around over 40 years. I have found them to be a first rate company over the past 15 years and used several of their products with great success. Have a great day. Bill Larson PT

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