Monday, February 24, 2014

the most important gizmo for recovery is you

I do stroke recovery talks to PTs and OTs (and a mix of other clinicians, survivors and caregivers) all over the US. Today I'm in Cheyenne, WY. 
Between Casper and Cheyenne
I've had many conversations with therapists over the years. One of the things that's remarkable is how little consistency  there is in the tools therapists have. Some therapists have every gizmo known to man, others have little other than their creativity and a few standard tools. Imagine the difference between working in a leading-edge rehab hospital vs. an on-the-road home care therapist.
That's me. The king of PowerPoint.

Do "stroke recovery machines" make a difference? Within reason, no. There are a few tools that may be essential. For instance, electrical stimulation, parallel bars and a mirror may be essential at some points in some survivor's recovery. Really, much more important is the training of the therapist. This is not just true in stroke rehab but in many areas of medicine; outcomes are directly tied to the training of the clinician. For most survivors, the knowledge of the therapist is the most important gizmo. 

But remember, they'll "discharge" you at some point and then the most important gizmo for recovery is you (and caregivers!).


Mike said...

I wonder if how many times you have to give talks to make those PTs and OTs that successful recovery relies on their ability to motivate their patients never to get lazy and keep slugging it out so it does not need 6-10 years for a severely disabled patient to regain movement and get their bp and blood profile, and body weight return to normal .if all PTs and OTs can be as good as your book in educating their patients, billions of dollars wont be wasted in stroke rehabilitation and fancy wheelchairs. we all got legs and feet. lower extremities are meant to be used a lot for walking and not rested for extended time.

Liberty Mariano said...

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Mike said...
It is frustrating that there is a wide disconnect between the pharma drugs doctors give to patients and the goals of PTs and OTs.Therapists are trying to start neuroplasticity but doctors give meds that stops the process.How I hate all nerve pain meds

Peter G Levine said...

Mike, I hear you about the OT/PT motivation thing. But i gotta tell you, most of the therapists i talk to are uber educated and care a boatload. . .

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