Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What do doctors know?

Show me a neurologist or physiatrist who does not know that recovery can continue after a year and I'll show you someone who should lose their license.

In some ways doctors are forced by the Hippocratic Oath to lowball any estimate of recovery. If a doctor says you won't recover, and then you do, they can say “Great!” If a doctor says, "You can expect a great recovery” and you don't, they have done you harm.

In terms of having a doctor understand rehabilitation per se, it's probably not going to happen. The responsibility for rehabilitation is offloaded to therapists. The one exception to this may be physiatrists. However, although they may be very aware of various recovery options, they are not trained in rehabilitation techniques.

Of course, MDs can be a driving force towards recovery. Each clinician (MD, therapist) has a unique role to play. Some MDs are not very well versed in all things recovery. If you want to find aggressive MDs and therapists, click this link >>> 

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Amy said...

I'm really angry at the fact that doctors tell stroke survivors that they have a finite amount of time to recover or they'll never do this or that again. Doctors should encourage their patients, not discourage them.

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