Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stroke Recovery. Are You Up for the Challenge?

Keeping it challenging...

Whatever is practiced, it must be challenging. In research, an 80-percent threshold is generally used. For instance, if a stroke survivor can successfully turn the pages in a magazine 80 percent of the time, the challenge can be increased by turning the pages of a newspaper. Since turning pages of newspaper requires increased excursion of the shoulder and elbow, the increased AROM will "trickle down" to easier tasks such as turning pages in books and magazines, card flipping and laundry folding.

What is usually done

Faster and cheaper

Faster and cheaper is good because its faster and cheaper. You could go to a State University. Or you could get a degree from a degree mill. You could make a a salad, but you could get the same amount of calories from a pop tart. But even as fast and cheap as they are, you'll still feel gypped.


Mike said...

I just realized that I don't need many months and years to improve.Challenging and fun can give good results in a week time.Another week may give perfection.

Peter G Levine said...

Right on the button Mike!

the rehab revolutionaries said...

Hi, just discovered your blog from doing a quick Google search! I blog about recovery as well at -- and what I've discovered in my nearly nine years of recovery is that forced use is a great way to rewire -- CIMT for ~6 hours/day can slowly but surely significantly improve your neurological deficits . . . I've done it for two weeks at a time and saw some awesome results. As for insurance policies preferring us to "compensate" rather than truly regaining function, that's just a bunch of hooey. I like your take on it with the fast/cheap = gypped ;)


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