Sunday, March 25, 2012

NEWS FLASH: There's No Way to Prepare For Life After Stroke

A recent study seems to sum up much of the whirlwind shock of life post stroke. I can't say it any better, so let me quote the authors:
There are 3 phases in the continuum from acute care to inpatient rehabilitation to home: 3 phases of this trajectory: 
1. the stroke crisis
2. expectations for recovery
3. the crisis of discharge
Stroke survivors and their caregivers faced enormous challenges as they moved through 3 phases of the trajectory. As caregivers move through the phases of the trajectory, they do not have a good understanding of the role to which they are committing. Survivors are often underprepared to take on even the basic tasks to meet the patients' needs on discharge
    Conclusion: Stroke survivors and their caregivers do not have adequate time to deal with the shock and crisis of the stroke event, let alone the crisis of discharge and all of the new responsibilities with which they must deal.



    Charlene and David said...

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    T.Julian said...

    My daughter is trying to recover from a stroke. She is 16 years old, the stroke happened at 11. I need help understanding what she's going through. She needs help too, coping...

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