Friday, May 15, 2009

So My Scurrying May Help Mankind

I have worked with a lot of PhD's and MDs over my 10 years in stroke-specific rehabilitation research. One thing I'll say about these groups is that they are brighter than average bears. (Little-known fact: Many have ginormous heads, where the bone and skin barely covers their pulsing arteries.)

In labs like ours and in previous labs in which I've worked, spontaneous conversations break out. I usually sit there dumbfounded and overwhelmed. Then I scurry back to my office, do some research, and then try to figure out what was actually said.

Let me digress (a lot). I was adopted. All of the people that were in my family, my parents and sisters, were smarter than me. Hey, it's the luck of the draw. But because I was used to scurrying back to my bedroom to figure things out, it felt natural as I interacted with these ginormous brained scientists. The key is making complicated junk simple.

Here is an article I wrote describing how we learn to move. It does, I hope, satisfy the two most important aspects of explaining stuff about stroke recovery:

Scientifically accurate. Easy to understand.


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