Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm jus' sayin'

Folks involved in rehabilitation research (like me!) have a lot to answer for. I read studies all the time. It’s almost impossible to figure out what the actual intervention (treatment) is. It's usually deep in the article as a couple of short sentences that tells you sort of what happened. If you read two or three articles about the same intervention you can piece them together, and get a feel for how to do the intervention. I work for a major university. I have access to all the articles I want. Even articles that are not on line because they are too old I have access to.

How is the typical therapist supposed to find the articles and have the time to sort the whole article out? I have no idea. And it sucks because it has consequences on the treatment of stroke survivors. I think that there should be a law that says that if you are doing any sort of research on human participants (subjects) that there should be a one-page explanation, in clear, simple and plain language that everyone can understand, what the intervention was, and what its clinical application is.

This photo is my son Jesse’s reaction when I told him about how researchers are trying to hoard all the thinkology.

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Dean said...

Since I only can read the abstracts of the articles I very seldom can tell what the research actually did. Its like trying to pour water into a glass blindfolded and you are using your bad hand to hold the glass.

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