Monday, December 22, 2008

Survivor Must Haves

There are two publications, both free, that provide information that may be essential to recovery. If you are really on the ball regarding emerging recovery technologies, then these may be a bit low-level. But even if you do a good job of figuring out what's new in the stroke recovery game, these two magazines will still be helpful.

Stroke Smart and Stroke Connection. Great articles (usually of the feel-good variety), research updates (in easily read format) and advertisements. And its the ads that I read it for because some of the technologies that our lab tests, as well as others form smaller manufacturers are in these mags. Basically, SS and SC are quick and easy ways to keep on top of whats goin' down. Order them on line or call them.

Stroke Smart 800-787-6537

Stroke Connection 1-888-478-7653

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Dean said...

I also found NeurologyNow useful. Another free magazine. It doesn't specifically address stroke but is still interesting reading.
Neurology now - a publication of American Academy of Neurology
They also have a Ask the Expert section. Questions can be sent to

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