Tuesday, August 12, 2008


How to set up a consultation

Email Pete:

What it costs

Payment is made after the consultation is delivered.

What you get

A video observation is done (see next box down for details).

Suggestions for recovery specific to your unique situation are made.  

Suggestions based on the consultation are emailed directly to you in PDF. Included will be images, diagrams, and clickable links— all related to your recovery.

Included will be suggestions about recovery of movement, but may also include suggestions for other post-stroke problems (i.e. visual problems, fatigue, cognition, etc.). 

Recovery suggestions will be based on my clinical researchbook and talks

Recovery suggestions will include recovery options that are “off the radar” to most clinicians. 

Once the consultation is completed, follow-up questions are encouraged!
Read reviews of the consultation here.

How the video observation

is done

A 30 to 45 minute Skype or FaceTime video interview will be done to broadly evaluate present arm/hand movement, tone/spasticity, and walking ability.

What you should keep in mind

Every suggestion has to be considered and evaluated by the appropriate medical professional.

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