Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Drink Up!

I got an interesting question from a therapist at a recent stroke talk: "What is the effect of dehydration on stroke recovery?"

I said what I often say when interesting questions come up that I don't have an answer for: "Email me that question… We'll look at it together"

It turns out the dehydration is thought to be a cause of stroke.

Further, if a stroke survivor is dehydrated when they're admitted to hospital, worse recovery can be predicted. And dehydration when admitted is predictor of discharge to long-term care (read: nursing home).

So, drink up! because, more than one third of all survivors will have another stroke.

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Geoff Wenker said...

My stroke was caused by a bacterial infection called Whipples
Upon admission to hospital I was very dehydrated from Whipples and was given 15 bags of saline in first day or two, so dehydration definitely could have contributed. I had also lost 40 lbs in the 4 months preceding the stroke.

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