Saturday, November 19, 2016

Stroke Shoulder Pain........ More drugs? ............................. Maybe not.

Shoulder pain after stroke, its causes and some treatments I plan to post about soon. However, there is one treatment I want to focus on up front, because its new and has tremendous potential.

It's called the StimRouter. Its made by the company Bioness which you know because of their electrical stimulation (E-Stim) machines:...

But they have a new treatment for pain. But we're talking shoulder pain, so allow me to focus on that...   

Briefly: Small electrodes are implanted under the skin, right next to the nerve that is sending pain signals. The actual reason e-stim block pain is unknown, but its thought that the nerve is confused by the e-stim. Basically (it is thought) that the e-stim "out-competes" the pain signal as the pain goes from (in this case) the shoulder, to the spinal cord and brain. The StimRouter is placed under local anesthesia, usually in an outpatient setting- takes about 15 minutes.

Cool vid here:

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Tamara said...

I'm wondering if pain in stroke could have an emotional source, like anger. And maybe some personality types who get pain, the perfectionists who keep on pushing themselves. It's also hard to switch off the stress response. And that constant state of being ready to fight or flee, leads to high muscle tone, which in turn leads to pain, because those muscles are permanently contracted. Maybe you're interested in this movie about rehabilitation specialist John E. Sarno: Even though he talks about pain that isn't caused by some structural abnormality, he talks about the role of emotions in health. And I think a lot of us strokies are angry we have to deal with this, that we just can't go o with our lives like it used to be.

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