Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sex After Stroke

A recent article showed that sex was at least "least somewhat important" in approximately half of men 75 years and older. Odds were reduced in interest and participation in sexual activity the higher the age, if the partner had physical limitations and the use of antidepressants and beta blockers.

So what is the effect of stroke on sexual activity? 
Almost 75% of strokes occur in folks over 65. Added to the advanced age of most stroke survivors there is also usually add increase in medications as a result of a stroke. There are also the mental and physical impacts of stroke that take a toll on sexuality. Included reasons are to believe that the stroke may affect the relationship, financial issues and low self-esteem.

Stroke is not usually cause sexual dysfunction. 
But there are a variety of us psychological issues that do impact sex after stroke. The new challenges that stroke survivors and caregivers have to go through when they get home block out everything else. Scheduling health care workers, dealing with managed care and paperwork, as well challenges of getting to and from all the appointments are just some of the problems that get in the way of other, more fun, things. There is a period after stroke in which sex usually doesn't take place. But this little is usually temporary. For instance, 80% of men with erectile dysfunction after stroke regained the ability to have sex a few months later. And that change was spontaneous.

There is a general belief that after stroke sex can cause another stroke. This hardly ever happens (although it may be true in people with parallel heart disease -- consult your physician). Despite the fact that sex is safe after stroke as many as half of all survivors fear that sex may cause harm. Many partners of survivors also have fear that sex will cause another stroke in their partner.

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Linda said...

I know that the hospital cancer clinic here has a sexuality counselor that people are routinely sent to along with all the other resource people.

Too bad we don't have a matching service for stroke survivors. The first passionate kiss, when half your face doesn't cooperate, lets you know that some things just aren't going to be the same.

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