Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huge in Malaysia

Big news: Stronger After Stroke has been translated into Malay, the language of Malaysia and Indonesia. It costs Harga: Rp 53.000,- but its worth it, because, as it says on the front cover, "Untuk para pasien stroke, terapis serta orang-orang terkasih mereka, Stronger After Stroke menyajikan filosofi perawatan yang baru, lebih efektif, dan sangat sederhana."

And that's gotta be worth something.


Linda said...

Good for you Peter.. an author of international acclaim!

I have a copy of your book here in Canada too. I actually bought it awhile ago, but it has taken me a long time to get my reading ability to the point where I could actually read it!

michael said...

Don’t know where to put this question, so I put it here …

How does one go about looking for a neurologist or physiatrist or therapist who is familiar with the practices outlined in your book? Do you have any suggestions? I am not asking for a recommendation to a particular doctor. I just need to know how to search for someone who is familiar with your book and can help me fine tune what I am doing. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve searched through your site, but my eyesight suffers from nystagmus as a result of my brain abscess so I might have missed any related comments.

Peter G Levine said...

Hey Mike,

The question is a good one. Basically, where are the progressive folks willing to help you push the issue towards recovery? I suppose there is no way to tell. But you could try. If the facility has a constraint (CIT) program, you're probably in good hands. Not a facility who has therapists who say "Yeah, I do constraint...we don't really have a 'program', I just sort of follow it..." There are are quite a few mistakes therapists make when self-implementing CIT if they are not properly trained.

But still, if you base your decision on what treatments the facility offers you can get a bit of insight on the therapists (and MDs) that work there. This article has suggestions on what to look for...Good luck!

oc1dean said...

I'm trying not to be too clever

Peter G Levine said...

Dean; i can't find the translation...what is it?

oc1dean said...

Malaysian for congratulations, I made an assumption it was Malay.

Farrell said...

I'm not sure how to email you but I'm looking for help/suggestions. My mom had a severe stroke in April and has Broca's aphasia. She has been doing intense rehab since May but her time is almost up. She cannot drive and I work and her husband works. So she will be stuck home alone all day with no way to leave the house. The "social worker" at her day therapy place basically told us we are SOL because my mom is not a senior - she just turned 63 and will NOT go to "adult day care." Do you have any suggestions? She has a hard time spelling, typing, writing, speaking so obviously her options are limited. Please email me at stlfarr at yahoo dot com. thank you.

Peter G Levine said...


Sorry for the delay...Please email me (strongerafterstroke at yahoo dot com).


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