Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reporter has TIA on air.

Stroke can rear its ugly self in so many ways. Aphasia is one way. Many thought this was an example...


Further info from the Associated Press

"LOS ANGELES -- The CBS-TV station in Los Angeles says a reporter who spoke incoherently during a segment on the Grammy Awards is feeling fine.

Serene Branson was checked by paramedics immediately after her Grammys report Sunday from outside the downtown Los Angeles arena where the awards where held, according to the station's website.

The young woman's vital signs were normal and she wasn't hospitalized, CBS said. A colleague took her home as a precaution and she said she was "feeling fine" Monday, according to the channel. "

She told her local CBS station last week, "My head was definitely pounding and I was very uncomfortable and I knew something wasn't right. I was terrified and confused. Confused. What had just happened? At that point they sat me down, then my right cheek went numb. My right hand went numb and I lost some sensation in my arm."

Can't talk? Right side numb with no sensation? Its a "complex migraine"? Really? Really?

This lady went through the same thing...

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