Saturday, April 11, 2009

Two Great Tastes

Figuring out what helps a stroke survivor recovery may involve finding that one magic bullet. But it probably won't. It will probably be a few magic bullets, a smattering of magic hand grenades and a ton of magic TNT. Enough of this explosive rhetoric!

The point is, recovery requires multiple recovery strategies. As time goes on, the combination of strategies will change.

There is a tendency among many researchers to focus on their little piece of the pie. They'll pioneer treatment "X". They'll develop treatment "X". They'll advocate "X" and they'll cling to "X" forevermore.

Our lab takes a bit of a different tact. If different things work for different survivors at different times you damn sure better have a feel for the whole ball o' wax.

Here is a recent study our team did fusing "Two great tastes that taste great together".

Bon appetit!

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