Monday, June 30, 2014

Vision Problems After Stroke

Two great resources if you have vision problems caused by stroke. 

Both of these are presented by the University College London. Both are free!

The first one is for a disorder called Hemianopic Alexia (HA). 

HA is difficulty tracking along a line of text to find the next word in a sentence. If you have this problem, click on the image, below.

The same organization has options for hemianopia (loss of vision to one side) and spatial neglect (loss of attention to items on one side).  You can find training for those here.

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Elizabeth, John, Jack, and Luke said...

I had tons of vision problems and many doctors and therapists told me there was no hope. I found and got vision therapy. It loyally changed my life. I highly recommend finding a provider in your area if u have vision problems.

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